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Curaçao Activities

Curaçao Activities is the local expert for tours & activities on the island. With over 12 years of experience, they offer a wide selection of top tours, curated to give you an unforgettable experience during your vacation. Whether it concerns active, cultural or water activities: it is all possible at Curaçao Activities!

Jeep Adventure East Coast
$85 per person

Jeep Adventure West Coast
$119 per person

Jeep East & West.jpeg

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, this jeep tour starts in St. Joris Bay where a thrilling off-road trail begins through the rugged terrain of Koraal Tabak and ends with a snorkeling adventure at Director's Bay.

The jeep tour starts at approximately 8:30 am once everyone is picked up by our friendly local guide. Our jeeps are incredibly tough, yet surprisingly luxurious and comfortable. In the comfort of our jeep you cross the sandy plains of Sint Jorisbaai, an exciting off-road course on the bumpy road of Koraal Tabak, see the wild north coast of Curaçao, visit an old cave with a beautiful panoramic view, drive you through the colorful neighborhoods around Santa Catharina, stop at the Aloe Vera plantation, drive to the breathtaking Sein Post with its 360-degree panoramic view and stop for snorkeling at the spectacular Director's Bay.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this jeep tour starts at approximately 9am once everyone is picked up by our friendly local guide.During a seven-hour tour in a luxurious and comfortable jeep, you will discover some of the special sights of Curaçao.


The adventure begins when we leave civilization and go off road on the sandy plains of San Pedro where we take you to all corners of Bandabou. On the way we make a stop at museum Savonet, the newest museum of Curaçao, located in the Christoffel National Park. Here the guide tells the story about the original inhabitants, the connection between people, nature and culture. Witness the power of Mother Nature when you visit a beautiful Boca, standing on top of a mountain with an iconic view of the northernmost tip of Curaçao. Then we drive to a beautiful beach and there you step into the crystal blue water.

UTV Experience West Coast
$209 per person

Set out for the ultimate way to explore the rugged west side of Curacao!


This tour starts at 8:00 AM or 1:00 PM at Sambil and during the 3.5 hour tour you will sit behind the wheel of your UTV and discover the wild nature of Curacao, places that you would not be able to reach with a regular car! You will cross the sandy plains of San Pedro where we will take you to all corners of Bandabou. Enjoy walking through a hidden cave and witness the power of Mother Nature when you visit a beautiful Boca. Then step into the crystal blue water of Daai Booi and you will feel reborn!

Otrobanda City Walk.jpeg

City walk through Otrabanda
$27 per person

During the tour you will see the historic architectural styles of Curaçao, learn the history behind these historic buildings and see beautiful works of art.


Accompanied by our guide, you will get to know the city in a completely different way and you will visit all the special sights that can be seen there. You walk through narrow alleys and discover the most beautiful murals and art. The tour is every Friday at 4:30 PM at the entrance of the Rif Fort Village. Curious about what the local cuisine has to offer? The tour ends at Bario Hotel, where you can enjoy a nice lunch.

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